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Look at this shameless thing this lady did to her husband 5 years later after he took her to school.

Sometimes you end up doing things for your partner because you love them and in turn end up in tears. Married man crying after him and his wife had an agreement that they will help each other through school, now that she’s through, she's filling divorce paper. Two weeks ago the man was served with divorce paper, he was blindsided there nothing as painful than spending the whole five years working hard to put your woman in school late she turn against you. When the man asked her reason behind her divorcing him, her simply replied that they have been growing apart for a while and she needed to find her happiness. The man found out this weekend that his wife met Someone in school, this is the reason behind the divorce. The waste part the lady wants him to pay back 50% of her student loan, the guy went on to say for the past week he has not been feeling bad about the whole situation.

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