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Here Are Men Who Abuses Their Wife/ Girlfriends Take Note Of Them

BeThis man here is kumkani , he has been abusing his girlfriend for sometime. Her girlfriend decided to come forward after the trend of Hlehle. Apparently after assulting his girlfriend for couple of times he decided to stay in a relationship so that the girl will not expose him. He kept on asking for forgiveness but he never changed. After the girlfriend exposed him lot of ladies came forward to share their experience about him. He has done it for a very long time.

Here is another man called Maxwell nyiki. He is abusing his wife and people never thought that he can do something like this. He seems to be a physical fitness trainee. Lot of women are coming forward to share what they are going through behind closed doors.

Here is another man called Mzwamandla Mduma who has been abusing his wife. He poured hot water on her face and she ended up in a hospital. What painful is that this man says that he will not listen to anyone and no one will tell him how to treat his wife. He feels that he is entitled to her because he married her. This is very much disturbing because women will end up being scared to get married because of this.

Some men are crazy and if you can check all these man they are all beautiful and handsome. Another thing that people should learn about these type of men is that they are all sweat to people out there. They have a tendency of making people believing in them. People will think that you are lying when you share your story. It is about time people learn to listen and act when someone is asking for help. This people are so manipulative and everyone will believe them. Our sisters are no longer safe. If you are brother please take care of your sister. Never allow her to be abused by anyone.




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Hlehle Maxwell nyiki Mzwamandla Mduma


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