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He settled for his type now here is what happened at their wedding.

Love is something that seems to be lost in the generation we in the youngster are nolonger interested in love but what comes after the word love. They expect money and a lot of gifts when a guy tells them that he loves them they believe that they are set for life if he has money but love has never been about money. It's about how you feel about the person you falling for is the person your soulmate?

There has been a picture of a husband and a wife trending on social media on their wedding day where in the lady was holding a wine glass by her mouth. On most of the comments people were just happy that the husband is happy seeing what his wife was doing to him it was not improper but something which he admire.

Here is the picture of the wedding couple that got twitter happy and more interested in marrying their types.

The husband was so excited and pleased even though this style is done by ladies who you find in clubs and taverns the husband was happy to marry his soulmate who would do this and still it would make him happy. People were mosty impressed by his smile and the way he looked at his newly wedded wife.

Some on the Comments were against marrying a lady that can do that because she's only fit to be a party person not the marriage type, some believed that after two years of marriage amd with kids they will hate each other because there will be no more parting.

Would you marry a girl that does this?

Here are the comments of the picture after posted from twitter.

Source:Twitter social media platform

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