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Husband and wife relationship

Heartbroken woman lost her husband a month after getting married.

Life us unfair sometimes and can be hard. Waking up everyday is a blessing on it's own. Then the strength to deal with whatever comes. God's plans for us are hard. You wake up with someone and then never see them ever again. It's a sad reality that is hard to get used to. 

Death visits every family and you can never be sure when it will be visiting you. We will on borrowed time that's why we are told to appreciate the people in our lives and to actually live our lives. 

A twitter users shared heartbreaking news. The lady shared that she got married last month and is now burying her husband tomorrow. "On this day a month ago I married the love of my life❤️ tomorrow tlabe kemo robatsa ka kagiso 💔🕊 happy one month my love😞 until we meet again". Twitter users sent comforting words but at this moment nothing will make sense.

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