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BARRY: Men finds happiness by only looking at the car

From the lockdown, people are spending all of their time on social media platforms, covering a variety of topics, and this time they are focusing on Men who are living a happy lifestyle by simply chilling together. They are consuming alcohol and looking at a car in their gathering.

They are talking about the car which they are having its bonnet open to their discussion of what they are having in front of them. The recognition of how they are having a happy life is because Women are not part of the experience and that is the beauty of it.


It is how people are engaging with the reality of Men being discovered about their lifestyle, which does not include the other gender.

Their comments are interesting to read through:

1. BARRY: They are only admiring what it is in front of them without saying a word and having beverages according to the depiction.

2. Tamuka: They are not complicated people, and that is why it is easier for them to find happiness through the car.

3. Dominic: According to him, it is women who are complicating things, and Barry is supportive of the comment made by Dominic.

4. Papa Khomo: They will be talking about the rev count and the speed of the vehicle.


Men are seen to have a happier lifestyle which is not complicated or in need of something different and unique to provide them with happiness for their preferred lifestyle. Not everyone is or will be in support of this recognition made by Barry for the public.

You cannot forget about those who consumes alcohol, and it is another thing that makes their lifestyles interesting. Men are simple, and they would just sit behind a car while playing music, and everyone would have a great experience for that moment.


You may also have your own comment about this whole lifestyle from those Men. From what they are saying, Men are having good times while there are no women nearby, and it is still a continuous lifestyle coming from a male individual.

Your thoughts?

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