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'See Dwarf Couple Who Defied All Odds And Got Married, They Gave Birth To Dwarf Kids (Photos)

Read on and take a look at the photographs below:

As soon as we fall in love with someone, we are usually told things like "we are not compatible" or "you are not a good match for me." Several couples decide to end their relationship after discovering that they are not suitable with each other any longer.

While some people prefer light-skinned men and women to date, others prefer dark-skinned men and women, chubby ladies to date, and slender women to date or marry; other people have a preference for one type of man or woman over another.

Almost everyone wishes to marry a tall guy or lady because height is the most distinguishing characteristic.

There are many people who will urge you to marry a tall spouse so that you can have tall children when you are still young. Because they want the equation to be balanced, it is never recommended that short people marry someone who is comparable to them, or vice versa.

Some folks aren't concerned with your physical appearance or even your height; they love you for who you are, regardless of how you appear to others.

Similarly, Charli Adams, a dwarf, fell in love with Culen Adams, another dwarf, and the two became engaged. She and her husband are completely in love, and they had three beautiful children together, despite the fact that several people encouraged her not to marry him in order to prevent having dwarf children. One of their children is of average height, while the other two are both dwarfs in stature.

The story of these dwarf lovers, in end, tells us that love is blind and has the power to overcome all obstacles.

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