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When A Guy Has Feelings For You, He Will Give You These 4 Signs

There are a few characteristics that you notice in a guy who has feelings for you. Men don't know how to express their feelings, and sometimes don't know how to express themselves to a woman, which is why they use signs to communicate. As a result, women should be aware of these signs so that when a man starts exhibiting the same signals and symptoms, you will know what they mean. In this essay, I'm going to show you four signs that a man has feelings for you.

1. It could text you constantly. It's the first thing you'll notice in a man who has feelings for you; he will constantly text you, to the point that it seems like he can't live without conversing with you. Indeed, even if you do not reply to his message, he will continue to send you SMS, and as soon as you do, he will be there to send a few more. When you find this out in a man, it means he has feelings for you.

2. He will start following you on social media. When a man develops feelings for you, he will start watching you on social media, just like he would with any other clue. He will be the main character who responds to the result every time you post a post or upload a photo to your social networks. He might also do this to check if you have another man who will be his resistance, or if you have another man that you just like. Most of the time, this unique sign is given out of desperation.

3. He will behave well when he is with you. Any other flag he raises will become unusual for you. If you ask him to do something for you at that time, he will do it immediately.

4. He will start to get closer to your friends. When a man has feelings for you, he may want to see how you appear on the outside, which is why he may want to connect with your friends to find out more about the things you love to do and the things you do. despise. It may appear that he is using your friends to spy on you. When you find out about this in someone, you have to assume that they have feelings for you.

These are the indicators a man will give you if he has feelings for you.

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