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Meet The Husband And Wife That Enjoys Body Building Together

As a child, Nicole Monroe yearned to be both an athlete and a body builder. She used to like sports such as basketball, volleyball, and others until she discovered Track & Field events, which she immediately fell in love with. Because she was born into a military family, she was compelled to enlist and complete an eight-year tour of duty.

Despite being in the military, she couldn't give up on her desire of becoming a fitness teacher, so she started her own company, "No Pretty Workouts," to fulfill her ambition. She started the company to show other women that working out does not have to be painful. She hopes to motivate a large number of women who are afraid to work out for various reasons.

She has an online company where she helps teach women from all over the world in addition to her own brand. She also specializes in training women and is passionate about the overall wellness of women.

In spite of the fact that Nicole appears to have everything under control, she has had to deal with a great deal of difficulties in the past. In the midst of her struggles with depression, she came dangerously close to taking her own life. The fact that Nicole likes working out is evident from the numerous fitness videos that she posts on her Instagram profile.

Nicole is a kind and lovely young woman who found love, despite her harsh exterior. Now she is blissfully married to the Man who has the ability to take her completely by surprise, a Man who even enjoys working out with her.

Her husband, Josh Webb, is a weightlifter and athlete like her. The two of them spend a lot of time together in the gym. Here are some more images for you to enjoy;

This is why it's suggested that individuals marry somebody they get along with, people who share their interests. Bodybuilding and hard exercise are hobbies for this pair since they consider it as nothing major and something they can enjoy together.

Even if she has a child, she will retain her ideal body form since they will never gain weight. Bodybuilding would be ingrained in their children from an early age if they were like their parents.

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