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If you go too much Sangoma , here is what they have given you for this reason

If you go too much Sangomas for being rich ,they will ended up giving you Umuti to witch other people for The reason a witch doctor can see that there are others you have visited will seek help but because you are not satisfied you keep coming in and you are not satisfied that is why they end up giving you things that will ruin your life.

So what is important be patient and see that what they jus had given you does work or not but don't do this today you see this one and next week the other one be patient and see twhatbthey gave you does work and if doesn't just do the follow up to the perso who helped you then you will be on the right track.

But if you keep going to different witch Doctor they will give you what they don't want reason The reason is that you love money and you are not satisfied.

They will give you something to give you money when you get home to shake your head and remember they say don't go back to return it .

So what is important if you want help to a Sangoma please have something like you run a business and you want your business to be fruitful then they will help you , second take your qualifications if you want a job and to ask them to help you to get a job by doing that you won't have problems.

But if you don't want to hustle and have a free money I am sorry my friend only blood in your hands and poverty after that .

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Sangoma Umuti


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