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I Found Out My Wife Is A Lesbian After I Caught Her Sleeping With My Housemaid Who's Pregnant For Me

They say life is full with drama and stories. When his housemaid tells that his wife of four years, with whom he has two children, is having an amorous relationship with the housemaid, a young married man gets the shock of his life.

See his experience as it was addressed with relationship expert Stephen Unoroh on the topic of getting it right.

Hello, Stephen. Please advise me on what I should do.

I'm a young man in his late thirties who's married to a lovely lady from one of Nigeria's South West states and works in real estate and importation.

I've been troubled by this position for a long time, and I'm not sure how to get out of it.

About a year ago, my wife hired a maid to assist her with the chores.

For the sake of this story, I'll refer to her as Shade rather than her real name.

Despite having a 14-year-old housemaid who assists with my children, my wife brought Shade in.

My children are two and three years old. Shade was pretty and well-shaped for a housemaid, and she spoke English effectively, so I was apprehensive to hire her at first. At first, I mistook her for a clever young woman who had the misfortune of not having had a university degree.

Everything that has happened in my family now makes sense.

My wife also stated that she was only 20 years old.

Stephen I'm so jilted that I'm at a loss on how to proceed with my marriage.

Stephen My wife is a lesbian who is having an affair with my maid's boyfriend or her boyfriend's boyfriend.

I've had a love affair with Shade as well.

This is the start.

At 3 a.m., I heard a faint groaning in the guest room where Shade is staying.

Since the birth of my second daughter, she has been sleeping in their room with my children.

I awakened that day dehydrated and needed to get some cold water from the kitchen. I noticed a strange sound coming from the maid's room as I was walking to the kitchen. The maid was surprised when she saw me at the entrance and raced out naked.

I quickly turned away and returned to my room without asking any questions due to the surprise experience of seeing her naked.

I had no idea she was fleeing my wife because you were in the same room with her that night.

Her bareness and pure beauty drew me to my room.

After that heartbreaking episode, I made every effort to reintegrate myself into Shade's life.

So I began bringing money and jewelry into the relationship, and she eventually agreed.

Shade contacted me at work a few days ago and said she had an urgent message for me that she couldn't address at home.

Shade was 3 weeks pregnant and fresh out of the hospital when I met her.

I was ecstatic, and I instructed her to keep the pregnancy a secret from my wife and family.

I promised her an apartment and a good car for her birthday.

Shade told me she was a lesbian who couldn't bear children and had come to tell me she was leaving and aborting the baby as she sobbed uncontrollably.

She hadn't yet turned 20 and had been seeing my wife for six years, dating her since their university days. When my wife said she couldn't stop their extramarital affairs, she moved in with me to save my marriage.

This was the result of an argument between her and my wife, who she said wanted more love time that night when she ran out of her room.

She described him as "a beautiful person who lavishes her with money." This doesn't come close to capturing what she said regarding their relationship.

I'm unsure how to proceed with my marriage because I feel used and jilted.


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Stephen Unoroh


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