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OPINION| Meet the most disrespectful side chick ever.

Love used to be a very sacred bond that can only happen with only two people, but it seems as if things have changed recently as people do not respect other people's relationships anymore. people cheat on their partners without even considering the worst that could happen. It is always better to have one person to share your love and peace with, instead of having different lovers in different places.

Well, there is one lady who actually started texting, someone who seems to be her man's side girlfriend, as you would expect things did not really go smoothly as the young lady she was texting was so rude that it is even sad for someone reading the texts to continue.

What the main girlfriend wanted to do, was to maybe get the side chick to stay away and stop texting her man, but it seems like she was not buying it. The main girlfriend even threatened to beat her up when they met, but she even sent her a picture of herself, letting her know that she's not afraid of her, she even playfully mentioned that she actually knows karate.

If you were to read the conversation you would see how hilarious the chats actually are, although this isn't a matter of laughing about, I'm certain a lot of people could not help but laugh while reading these conversations. At some point in the conversation the main chick asked the question of how do you sleep at night, meaning how does she sleep at night knowing that she is cheating and texting another person's man, but the side chick just responded with a funny meme of a sleeping person, showing her how good she sleeps at night.

Well, I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't want this to happen to us, so it would be better to try and respect other people's relationships, because the bond between two people is a sacred one.

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