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Laugh-out-loud jokes and photographs for the sake of amusement

* Someone went to buy mosquito killer; when he arrived, he asked the seller if it was genuine; the man advised him to take a drink first.

* If a short girl compliments your hair, double-check your zip code.

* When you marry a man who is envious of you.

Honey, where have you gone?

At the church, a woman.

Give the phone to Jesus, man.

* What are you doing, wife?

Husband: destroyed two male and three female mosquitos.

Wife: How did you figure that out?

Husband: there were two people near the beer bottle, and three people by the mirror.

* A man heard a knock on his door and opened it to find a snail, which he threw away. Three years later, he heard another knock on his door and saw the same snail, which asked, "What kind of manner is that?"

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