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How to get a girl to like you

1. Remember to make eye contact.

2. Good posture will give you more confidence.

3. Talks about interests the two off you share.

4. Take note off your body language.

5. Dress to impress. Your clothes will say a lot about you.

6. Know when to give her space.

7. You need to know what she likes.

8. Bring up something that matters to her during your conversation.

9. Try to crack a joke and make her laugh.

10. Give her a compliment for instance I love your beautiful smile. It lights up my world.

11. Flirt with her it is attractive.

12. Practice good personal hygiene.

13. Be genuine and don't ever try to be someone you are not.

14. Give her full attention.

15. Don't be typing other people on your phone the whole type whilst being with her. It would lead to a very bad impression off you.

16. Make her feel spacial and be thoughtful.

17. Open you to her. Be trustworthy.

18. Smile. It will make you look so much more attractive.

19. Let her know she can rely on you and actually show you are there for her.

20. Love her just the way she is. If she has curly hair don't tell her you don't like curls. It will only push her away.

21. Be affectionate with her. Women love that.

22. Don't ever flirt with other women. This will only hurt her and show how you aren't serious about her.

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