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Reactions As Lady Demonstrates How Some Ladies Act When They Are Not In Any Relationship

Blessing Nkiruka, also known as Blessing CEO, is a popular relationship and mental health therapist who has published a brief video in which she illustrated how single women's actions differ from those of women who are in a relationship. Blessing Nkiruka is a licenced professional counsellor who is well-versed in the dynamics of relationships and how they influence an individual's actions.

She illustrated how single women act while they are in the comfort of their own homes, with no male to worry about, in a short video clip that Blessing Nkiruka posted on Instagram. 'The freedom and enjoyment' that these women have access to on a consistent basis, according to her, is unmatched.

Blessing Okoro impersonates certain unmarried women, claiming that they are often unconcerned with their appearance or their future.

In other words, unmarried women have a great deal of freedom to do anything they want, without any limitations, according to Blessing Nkiruka Except for personal reasons, single women are unconcerned about maintaining a healthy diet. Because no one is looking at them, they are free to consume anything they want in whatever manner they choose..

As for a lady being in an intimate relationship, she claims that she will become highly self-conscious and will strive to maintain proper behaviour at all times, regardless of her circumstances. Particularly if her spouse is there, she would always be mindful of what she ate and how she ate it.

'Women in relationships are constantly mindful,' adds Blessing Okoro, who believes they do so in order to impress their spouses.

Blessing believes that single women are free to eat anything they like, but that once they enter a relationship, they would constantly strive to impress their partners to the best of their ability, no matter how small the gesture. She would not want to be perceived as a typical country girl by the public.

While demonstrating how females act while they are dating, she stated that they are constantly conscious, to the point where they are concerned about the type of clothes they wear in the house. Even while they are in the kitchen, they make an effort to maintain a professional appearance in order to impress their spouses or significant others. "They're constantly looking to appear seductive," she explained further. Attempting to be attractive is a priority. The fact that he may walk in at any time means that you must be prepared.”

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The most important thing that Blessing Nkiruka emphasised was that women who are in a relationship should constantly be on the lookout for any danger signs. The sort of impression they give off to their relationships should be something they are constantly aware of. When it comes to relationships, love is not the only thing that matters; there are a slew of other skills that women must master in order to keep their relationships going strong.

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