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18-year-old girl who married her 61-year-old godfather reacts.

Deja Haugabook, an 18-year-old woman who married her 61-year-old Godfather, Michael Haugabook, has made a video imploring anyone who calls her husband a predator to mind their own business since he is hers, not theirs.

She explained that, although being just 18, she has matured and that she chose to marry an older man since younger men don't know what they want and go from one woman to the next. She informed them that they are envious and that the majority of them, at the age of 18, are still living with their moms.

Deja has a one-year-old daughter and is also answerable for Michael's three children, giving her a total of four children at the age of 18. Michael Haugabook was Deja's mother's ex-boyfriend. Her daughter is now married to the same man she dated in the past. In a video, she expressed her feelings over her daughter's marriage to her Godfather.

Deja's mother, Davina Evans, claimed in the video that Michael's children, who used to refer to Deja as their cousin and Godsister, are now unsure whether to refer to her as their cousin, Godsister, or stepmother. She also chastised Michael for marrying his Goddaughter, her daughter.

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