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Heart breaking a 16 year old girl assaulted almost to death by boyfriend with a garden spade.

Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi Retweets a very heart breaking picture of a hand and back, Apparently the 16 year old girl was assaulted by boyfriend and released on bail.

“16-year-old girl lives in fear after she was assaulted by her boyfriend with a garden spade. Her face and upper body is covered with several stitches. The boyfriend was arrested and released on bail.”

The boyfriend is currently on bail of R1000 and the family of the girl they live in fear because he might come back and finish what he started.

Gender based violence it seems like it is far from ending because women and children are abused everyday by men who claim to love them. How can you love someone and you almost kill them with a garden spade but you claim you love that person.

The lady has stitches on her back and the hands you can see pictures for your self. Love is a beautiful thing when it is done right by both partners and it should be beautiful and be happy not depressed and love because you fear if you leave them they will kill you.

Men let us unite and stop gender based violence on our mothers, our children and our grandmothers because this is getting out of hand.

Men let us unite and fight GBV in a good way and stop the men who are hit by our sisters.

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GBV Mbuyiseni Ndlozi


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