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4 Simplest Way To Emotionally Make Your Partner Love You More

The following are the four most effective ways to emotionally make your spouse happy.

1. Holding hands.

The palm of your partner's hand has more than 40,000 nerve endings, making it a very sensitive area. When you're crossing the street or watching a movie, don't be scared to gently capture it with your hands. Furthermore, the act of holding hands is objectively beautiful. This is an excellent kind of PDA since it demonstrates that you really care about your spouse and are not concerned about who else may see it.

2. Take a deep breath and look into the eyes.

"Eye contact can be extremely sensuous and is a wonderful method to enhance arousal," says Shamira Howard, LCSW, a sex and relationship specialist. Select a moment when you and your partner are both at ease. After that, take two minutes to just stare at each other and not say anything. Proceed with caution and then talk about your experience. It is important to "allow yourself to be vulnerable, to embrace whatever discomfort you may feel, to laugh, and to look each other in the eyes once again." Although it may not seem like it, eye contact is an essential component of tantric sexuality since it is a strong and efficient method to enhance closeness.

3. Hugs

"People often express a desire for their spouse to engage in greater physical connection that does not include sexual intimacy," says Howard. Giving a twenty-second hug to your spouse the next time you're together is a nice gesture. According to her, "Hugs are calming and help to build relationships, but they do not always result in sexual encounters." The goal is to demonstrate how much you want your spouse outside of the relationship, which, paradoxically, will provide your partner with a chance to have more good time!

4. . Do massage.

Allow yourself to be used to give your partner a nice massage, at the expense of your own objectives in the process, of course. Take a look at our guide to learning the art of giving a good massage for more information. You'll be able to thank us afterwards.

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