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"As A Mother Who Carried A Baby For 9 Months" - Can You Allow Your Husband To Do This To Your Baby?

The Bible explicitly prohibits tattoos. Tattoos have several disadvantages, one of which is that if you have a tattoo, you will never be able to work in the Commonwealth. Art is not something I like.

 The artwork here is considered to be of high quality and is expected to remain fashionable in the future. We have now come to a terrible reality. A father shared a photo of his son tattooed on his birthday with his family. When her son was six months old, her father wrote the ceremony with tattoos and various patterns on her body. People expressed dissatisfaction with his writing.

They told him that he had no right to accuse a six-year-old boy who could not tell right from wrong. What I want to know is whether she was right or wrong to tattoo her son. What if the child grows up and thinks that the tattoo is not his or hers? Imagine if you believe that he will be angry because his father hurt his skin. As a parent, would you allow your child to get tattoos without your consent? When you meet this person, what will you say to him? Should he be arrested, do you believe his actions are right?

 Several people commented on his appearance and the way his father works. Some people think this is a good idea and thank their parents for it.

 Please answer as a mother who has given birth to a child for nine months: Would you like to let your husband treat your child like this?

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