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GOOD TIMES: Khuli Chana is chilling with Lira and their friends

Khuli Chana, Lira, and their other friends, Khuli did not mention in the post that they had a good time outdoors and with summer vibes. Something like what they are doing is happening more often in the December mood. People have already been having a good time since December 1st.

Khuli and his friends are not wasting any time when it comes to unwinding with some outdoor vibes. It may happen after going into a lockdown that is not going to allow people to be on the streets as they are at the moment, is not known until the final word is provided.


At this moment, it is just about going for the wonderful interaction with his friends and not thinking much about what will happen next as the country is facing a new varient of the coronavirus. It is wonderful for them to focus on the greatest feelings rather than something that is bad.

Comments come through under her tweet: 

1. Mpho: Musical legends combined.

2. Thato responds to Mpho: they are together. 

3. The original: I only see Lira.

Thato Mofolo: lioness and a lion.

As for Lira, she has not been making highlights for a long time since her prime time as a musician.


For Khuli and Lira, they could be discussing coming up with something different from the studio. It would be wonderful to see the legendary musicians of South Africa create something beautiful and also come as a surprise to their fans with their new potential fans.

Chana loves chilling with anyone within his circle, and they are people who are not familiar, followed by the famous individual. If you are on good terms with him, there is no doubt you are going to have such beautiful moments together, as he did with Lira and many individuals.


He is a good person and you could get used to chilling with Khuli. These are moments that you will love as he does appreciate the good times.

Your thoughts?

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