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Husband and wife relationship

Tallest woman recalls how her in-laws rejected her due to her height


It is sad that majority of the people who find themselves loving each other get distracted by other people. A lady named Lilian and her husband Mwangi have been seeing each other for less than a year now. The couple has left many Kenyans talking all over social media because of Lilian's height.

The couple has been trending all over social media after their wedding photographs became a web sensation to many people living all over the world more especially Kenyans. It is alleged that Lilian chose her current boyfriend after breaking up with her ex husband, finding Mwangi she decided not to fall in love again after experiencing a painful break up.

Lilian told muranga-news that she met with her husband at a wedding that they both attended, and that is when Mwangi approached her to request contact details. Since them both have been together sharing the love they both wished to get for a very long time. Unfortunately Lilian saw that her in-laws does not like her height, Since she is way taller than her husband. The couple says that people always give them a strange look all because of their height differences.

Besides that the two claim that their families being against them is nothing to them, instead they will keep on with their lives no matter what. Since they are happy together as husband and wife, nobody will come in and break them apart.

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