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Ladies: 12 Lovely Things You Should Tell Your Man

Women tend to flirt with their partners when dating and in a relationship, but when they get married they forget to flirt with that man.

Flirting with your husband is beneficial for your marriage and will help more than you can imagine. After marriage, many couples start to take themselves too seriously.

Flirting with your husband can be fun and romantic, and these suggestions will teach you how.

1. Surprise her with a 10-second kiss when she least expects it.

2. Smile randomly and wink at him.

3. Have a candlelit dinner with him to commemorate your marriage and be your romantic self.

4. Let him choose your panties from time to time; this will undoubtedly open it.

5. Make her feel good by complimenting her and letting her know when she looks good. This will inflate his ego and increase his desire for you.

6. You must look very attractive when you go out with him. Other people's appreciation of you will increase their respect for you.

7. When you go out with him, be your playful self. It makes you feel alive when you see it like this.

8. A cold bath, a good nightgown, and some scent might be all you need before bed. This is always effective.

9. Look hot for him even if you are alone and indoors with him. When you're at home with him, be mindful of his appearance. What men see has a great influence on them.

10. The best way to flirt with him is to surprise him with something he likes.

11. Sending him a naughty message while he's away will freeze his blood.

12. Never underestimate the importance of touch. Touching certain parts of his body for a few minutes may be enough to wake him up.

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