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"Look Where I Found His Phone While He Is Bathing" A lady posted causing a stir

Recent events have sparked a commotion on social media after a woman posted a picture revealing the location where her boyfriend had hidden his phone. The short version of the story is that she discovered it on top of the ceiling when he was in the shower. There was a variety of people's responses to the comments.

Some others advised the lady to avoid looking at the phone her lover always has on him. Others have hypothesized that the boyfriend is probably having an affair with the woman, which is why they think he is hiding his phone. There were other people who were claiming that he most likely has problems with the network. A lot of people had things to say, and you can read some more of their responses down below;

Someone submitted a comment saying, "I had network problem, hence the only way to get calls is to get the phone way up, sometimes even up in the ceiling" This was in reference to the fact that they had to do this since the only other method to receive calls.

I'd want to hear your comments on the comment area; what do you think about the lady's predicament and the responses of other people in general?

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