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6 Qualities that make you a bad friend

In this article, I am going to talk about the signs that you might be a bad friend. If you do any of the following things then you are a toxic friend and you don't make good company. You may be doing these things subconsciously. This article will also help you identify someone in your life whom you think is not good for you. Here are the six qualities that make you a bad friend.

1. You are judgemental

You seem to have a problem with people who live a different lifestyle. You can't accept people for who they are. You always want to change them to live according to your expectations. You always point out the fault in other people. These are all signs that you are judgmental. A good friend accepts others for who they are. He doesn't see any need to change others to live according to their expectations.

2. You gossip

If someone is constantly talking bad about other people to you, never trust that person because there is no guarantee that they don't reveal your secrets to others as well. Gossipers are usually very insecure people they only feel good about themselves when they put others down.

3. You are disloyal.

An example of a disloyal friend is someone nice when it is just the two of you, but when you are in a group they would turn against you so that they can be liked.

4. You are a bad listener

You cannot be present and empathetic with other people. You always want to talk about yourself. You don't give others time to speak, even when they do speak, you are ready to pass judgment.

5. You are needy

You always want to be around that person 24/7. You don't give them time and space to live their own life. You depend on them for your happiness. You always complain to them about your problems. No one wants to be around that type of person because they will leave you feeling used.

6. You don't respect other people's boundaries

You just can't accept no. You feel as if you are entitled to that person's time. Strong relationships are built on healthy boundaries.

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