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Ra price prophet revealed a big secret that can break your friendship. See more


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Friendship is one of the great things people can't live without in this world. Even though you like to be in your own box office, you need to have a friend

It is not easy to find true friendship but it takes few minutes or seconds to break one

Get full insight of the article below shard by Radebhe

"Trust no one, when people see you are getting Spiritual strong and they don't understand. Start looking at your surroundings you will totally notice a big difference. They will be exposed and you will see their true evil intentions." Words by Ra

People might be good to you but but that does not mean you should trust them.

A person can be with you for 10 years but can turn their backs on you within 2 minutes after being with you for a while.


Whatever you do, do not share everything this a person you call friend because once you wrong them, they will expose you.

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