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6 things not to tell anyone about yourself

Who you disclose intimate facts about your life with is incredibly essential, therefore you must choose who you put your faith in as you go through life. People you put your faith in might betray you at any moment, which is why you must keep certain aspects of your personal life private. Sharing hidden and sensitive details about your life with the wrong individuals might be detrimental to your career advancement. You must recognize that not everyone is a friend of yours. This is a list of six things you should never tell someone about yourself.

1) Your income; don't even trust your closest friend with your financial problems. I've seen individuals murder their closest friend just because they know where his money is, so don't reveal your financial problems with others. Keep this to yourself, no matter how tempted you are. Learn to reduce your degree of trust when it comes to financial matters.

2) Family Problem; Nothing that occurs inside your family should be discussed with anyone outside of it. Some of these trusted individuals may eventually use what you tell them against you, something you must prevent at all costs. If you want to advance in life, don't make the mistake of exposing your family difficulties with even your closest friends. So many individuals have made this mistake, and it has cost them their lives. Keep your family concerns to yourself.

3) Next move; research has shown that when you discuss your future aspirations and intentions to someone, your brain releases dopamine (a biological hormone that makes you feel you have partially accomplished that goal), lessening your attention on pursuing it to completion. Never tell anybody about your future goals. Others may use it against you, so avoid it.

4) I'm not good enough yet ;Never underestimate yourself because you are unable to do the next assignment. Nobody in the universe is flawless, and your history proves that. Actually, your background prepares you for difficult situations and never diminishes who you are. Believe in yourself since accomplishing more than others believe is possible can lead to your success in business.

5) Passwords; this is supposed to be secret, and giving your password to just anybody puts you in danger; don't trust even your closest friends with your passwords such as your withdrawal pin, password to your cash, phone passwords, and even email passwords. You should keep them to yourself. Only your devoted spouse has access to this information. Doing this with a strange girlfriend is really dangerous.

6) Secrets ot those that trusts you;

This is a regular practice; there are certain secrets and private difficulties that some individuals who trust you will tell you but not share with others. Some individuals like telling others about other people's secrets and telling them to keep it a secret as well, however, this is incorrect. That individual will convey it to the fourth party in the same manner that you did.

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