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"Woke up alone again today." A guy looking for love posted but people could not but notice this.

Dating nowadays is no longer what it was years ago, people can easily look for love and find someone from social media platforms. With that said a guy looking for love recently left many people talking after the post he made. He posted a picture of himself sitting on his bed and said "Woke up alone again today." See the post he made on Twitter down below.

People commented under his post and had a lot of things to say. Many people could not stop but notice the stairs leading up to the bed.

Someone commented and said " My guy, you up to your bed with stairs. There is a girl I know that would a match for you but unfortunately she would break the stairs with one leg." Another person commented and said "What happened to your previous relationships? There's something that tells me that you controlling and insecure." See the other comments people left under the post down below.

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