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What makes a woman to stay in an abusive relationship according to a respond to a Twitter post

One woman mentioned reasons like some men portray the perfect image to those around you which makes them not believe that that he is abuser. She went on to say that some women stay because they have no form of support around them. Some stay because of the fear of failure, society has made it seem like leaving a husband is failure

Most women says, it is because of financial reasons. The fear to go back to and build themselves from scratch and that home where they came from is another abusive environment. So they stay and wait for a change or hope or work for a financial break through. Few get the chance to work. Some get their money taken. 

Some women says, they fear to be judged, manipulated, and rejection from family or been thrown under the bus when u report tht u getting abused

Most women think they can change a person.They want to play mommy on a grown man...another problem women are too forgiving when it comes to men They will stop talking to a friend who told them their outfit is ugly and continue with a man who is abusive 

Oneady said, she feared losing my marriage and looking like a failure because it looked so perfect in public and she didn't want to fail her child and my parents .

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