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Divorce Affair

"My Husband's Side Chick Has Been Sending me Photos Driving my Husband's Car to Mock me" Woman Claim

Judy is prepared to divorce her husband after discovering that he had cheated on her with another woman. Her husband's side chick has been sending her pictures of herself driving her husband's automobile in an attempt to make fun of her.

After 27 years of marriage, Judy believes she has become accustomed to being severely beaten. She claims she has done so for an extended period of time. Her spouse has been quite aggressive, to the point that he has sent their children outside to sleep in the cold.

Judith is a cancer survivor who claims that her husband abandoned her at the hospital for two weeks, which she claims was the primary cause for her decision to file for divorce from him.

Even after her husband abandoned her, Judy forgave him, but he went on to cheat on her with another lady, who has been body shaming Judy because of her cancer diagnosis. Judy is now battling cancer.

Judy states that she tolerated all of her husband's insults and that this was the worst thing she has ever done in her life.

The fact that her children were also engaged in their arguments makes her regret staying with her spouse for such a long period of time rather than leaving early in her marriage.

Judy has encouraged married couples to always leave if their marriage is not functioning in order to avoid a repeat of this occurrence.


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Judith Judy


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