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Meet this twins: When one feels pain, so does the other. When ones happy the other smiles too

Both parties experience discomfort when one is in it. The other smiles when one is joyful. Additionally, when one is absent, his sibling knows where to look. The first conjoined twins to be successfully separated in the UK declare they have an almost mystical bond.

Each of them want to wed someday, but neither is in a hurry. Given that they have such a strong emotional tie, twins Hassan and Hussein Salih are both concerned about how living with two spouses will end out.

For the first seven months of their existence, the brothers' bodies were fused together from the chest to the hips, making them more than just identical twins.

When they were successfully separated from one another in April 1987, they created medical history in Britain as the country's first conjoined twins. However, although being separated physically, they are nonetheless conceptually linked at the hip.

Now 35, they not only share a bedroom but also enjoy watching the same movies and caringly nursing one another following the ongoing hospital surgeries that plague their lives.

"We are a unit." With a smile, Hassan acknowledges, "We came as a couple. "My wife must approve of Hussein." I must be liked by his wife."The Salih brothers from Hounslow were photographed in the surgeon's arms after the groundbreaking procedure at London's famed Great Ormond Street Hospital, looking alike as if they were two peas in a pod and casting beady eyes at the photographer.

Now 35, they share a bedroom, watch the same movies, and devotedly care for one another following the hospital surgeries that continue to plague their lives.

They became the faces of what were once known as Siamese twins thanks to these pictures.

Following the success of yet another astounding operation on conjoined twins, the Mail went to meet the unusual couple at their home close to Heathrow airport this week

This one separated a three-year-old Brazilian who was on the other side of the world.


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