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Video: Boity Wants R450 000 As Girlfriend Allowance Leaving Fans With Headaches

Boitumelo Thulo has done it again with her money talks while she was a guest in Mihlali Ndamase's YouTube show, Cosktail Hour.

In the show they spoke about celebrity lifestyle, relationships and how much money they got or would like to get as girlfriend allowance from their partners who they dated or dating.

However, the answers these two gave while asking each other these questions left many people on Social media with headaches, and this meant if a man had a wish to date these beautiful ladies, they better have very deep pockets.

Boity started asking Mihlali if ever got a girlfriend allowance and if so, how much was it.

Mihlali said, " Many moons ago i once had a girlfriend allowance. It was cute, he used to give me R50 000 a month. I was so happy, but now your girl is expensive, you must give me R100 000. In life you must elevate, you must grow."

It was now Mihlali's turn to ask the question and Boity Thulo said, she never had a real girlfriend allowance, but used to ask for money and would get it.

Further asking Boity how much would she want from a Man.

" Based on my needs and comfort levels, what i do for myself, i would be really comfortable with R450 000, i don't think that's a lot. That would make a difference in my life. If you are going to give me something, it can't be piggy bank vibes, i already work hard", that was her answer.

This is not the first time Boity spoke about huge amount of money being given to her, she once said she wanted R100 000 for boyfriend just to spend with her girls.

This topic brought Social media platforms on fire as people didn't think that was possible even in America, and some fans thought it was possible and the blesser doesn't have to be from South Africa.

Just imagine how much things can be done with R450k if you were to use it on important stuff like building a home for you mother, starting a small business and maybe investing it to grow, but Boity wants it as a girlfriend allowance.

This is the reason fans thought they must be out of their minds, see comments from fans on Social media.

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Watch the video below to see this conversation.


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