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Husband and wife relationship

This man caught his wife sleeping with another man. Attempts to shoot him off the window

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This man caught his wife sleeping with another man. Thomas as the husband left to work and usual takes lunch with him cooked by Gertrude. Thomas and Gertrude are so close to other to extend that Gertrude as far as she is not working, she joins Thomas to bath.

Thomas and Gertrude have been in a marriage for 6 years and 3 months now, have 3 kids, one in university and the two are still high school with gap in between grades. One is in grade 8 and one in grade 11. They have been together since the Gertrude was 17 years.

Gertrude comes from a family that has average life and at Thomas's family are almost rich. His father owns a construction company, but it doesn't have many clients. His mother is a sales agent for a multi million company, its a private company that sells medication for diabetic people and cancer related patients.

Gertrude's father works as a fitting and turner at local municipality and her mother also a sale agent same work place as Thomas's mom. The couple met at their mother's work place when they used to go and visit them after school.

The relationship had it's ups and down but managed to pass them, the issues where that Thomas is a hustler and want to go to other towns and look for better job. The issues is that Gertrude didn't want Thomas to leave her and be on a long distance relationship.

For Gertrude as far as she is a stay home mom, she learned how to cook and can mix ingredients in a way that you could say she is from culinary school. Thomas love Gertrude's food so much that they don't usually go out to eat at restaurants.

On one Wednesday, Gertrude made a special meal for the whole family, a feast. Food that include pork belly, garlic bread, salads, delicious gravy and later desserts that include cheese cake, malva pudding and ice cream.

Gertrude is such a loving mother and a wife, after having that dinner feast, she treated Thomas with extra special dessert as they call it. They had a good time that Thomas didn't want to lose sight of her. The following Thursday Thomas had to leave for for in the same town, he did manage to find job in around town.

All along Gertrude was cheating, this side dish has been around for 4 months. Thomas didn't notice that Gertrude is cheating because his job requires lot of energy and when he gets home all he wants to to bath, eat and sleep. He got busy for 3 months at work as they had the biggest client from hydraulics company and need its products in no time.

While Thomas was working his energy off, Gertrude started cheating with Jaco. On Thursday, Jaco forced himself to visit Gertrude knowing that she won't refuse because the two find each other attractive and are close. To be honest, Gertrude didn't refuse and went straight to the lounge for chit chat. It was around pass 11am when Gertrude called Thomas to find out if Thomas is busy at work and there's no way he will come the house.

He also made sure that her children are not coming back soon, she check the school time table to see activities for that day. Gertrude and Jaco then came close together to do things what lovers do. Not knowing that she gave Thomas an idea to come home, she relaxed.

At pass pass 12pm, Thomas went home to spend 30 minutes with her, he got a lift from a neighbour knowing that Gertrude will take him back to work using their car. He passed a motor bike outside his garden and thought it was his daughter's boyfriend came to see her, this daughter is the one who is in university.

Thomas went in the house and went straight to the lounge and found a surprise that his wife was busy with another man to find out he is younger. Thomas went to the closet and grabbed his gun to shoot this young man, Jaco.

Thomas chased Jaco till he was off the edge of the balcony and attempted to jump. Jaco looking down, he saw his life was in danger and decide to hang on the balcony bars while Thomas was pointing a gun on him. Thomas then decided not to shoot but to deal with his wife by chasing her away to her family to stay with them for quite some time till things settle. After 7 month they fixed things and got back together but now the terms are that Gertrude should find a job at her mom's place and not every where else, if not she should stay home by her parents. The end.

Moral of the story, divorce is a sin and true love never dies irrespective of the flaws and irrespective of how hard or deep they cut the heart.

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