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Divorce Affair

5 signs she is cheating on you

1. Praise: Your woman is most certainly cheating if she begins to praise another man continuously in your presence. If her statements always start with terms like 'John said...' or 'John did...,' and you're not John, she's either intending to cheat on you or has already done so. Women discuss males who intrigue them or on whom they have a crush. If she tells you those intense stories about John, she is either about to or has already started cheating, and it is most likely with John. A lady in love with you can never begin to appreciate a person for whom they have no feelings since you are their entire world. You should be more concerned if John is a coworker. Regardless of the aforementioned, most women are talkative and will tell you about their day; to determine whether she's cheating, ask yourself if she's ever spoken so passionately about this guy before. Is he the lone man in his workplace? Is this unusual behavior?

2. Her phone: A cheating lady tends to focus more on her phone than on you. This is difficult given that most women nowadays are obsessed with their phones, but did this attitude develop recently? When you ask her about it, she laughs and says it's nothing. That's because most women's natural reaction to humorous or weird things is to share them with their man. Be wary if she does the opposite. She may also begin to moan about not being pleased all of the time. That's a warning sign.

3. Reverse accusation: this is hard because most women want to know where you are at all times and everything about you, but you should be suspicious if she makes it a daily job. She's cheating if she picks fights with you merely to get out. If you have the impression that she is enraged by everything you do and accuses you of cheating. Yes, men aren't the only ones that behave in this manner. They want to make sure you're not doing the same thing to them that they're doing to you. It's similar to how playboys defend their sisters from males. This is known as vilification, and it is a form of manipulation. As a result, the victim becomes the villain.

4. She becomes unpredictable in her movements. She could disappear for hours without you knowing where she is. When you ask where she is, you get unclear responses. Her social calendar is usually jam-packed, but you're not one of the guests. Her stories don't add up, especially when she claims to be with the girls but her pals aren't there. She'll come back later, guns blazing, ready to burn you if she ghosts you. You can end up apologizing for the crime she's doing since she usually makes you feel awful for wondering where she is.

5. Catch her: If you catch her in a compromising situation, she'll know how to get out of it. She'll give you quick responses that will silence you. When this happens, she might also vilify you, making you feel horrible for even questioning her. Women are better than males at cheating because they are more calculated. Men are careless and easily caught. Women are great investigators and can usually tell if their man is cheating. They're also natural performers, which helps them hide their emotions when they cheat. Most women, however, do not exploit this aspect of their abilities, which is why they are so loyal.

So, is she being unfaithful?

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