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Not married yet but she is already controlling him - Should he go ahead and marry her?

Sometimes there are characters which are not made for each other. Imagine a down to earth man dating a big headed lady that he did not have enough time to study her that well. I am talking about someone you go out with for few days then you decide to marry her because you are a Christian and there are things you are not allowed to do before marriage.

Those who watches Uzalo will understand what I am talking about if they have been following Zekhethelo and Sambulo's storyline. He is a down to earth individual while Zekhethelo is a hyper, big headed and also turns out to be a disrespectful person.

Sambulo is not just a character who is calm and collected, but he is someone who happens to be incomplete. He knew that he was incomplete and he understands that he needed to complete himself by finding his roots before having a family of his own. He now knows who his father is and the good thing is that his father is also willing to help him find his roots, but Zekhethelo who is big headed keeps standing on his way.

When he receives a honest invite from his father's household, Zekhethelo wants him to decline; When his father sends him money to take care of their wedding expenses, it is again Zekhethelo who rejects the money. You can see it in Sambulo's face that he does not agree with the notion but he respects her as his wife to be.

Should he go ahead and marry her? How long is she going to keep standing on his way? Her dreams involve living glamourous with Sambulo while Sambulo wants to live a private life of being a farmer and raise his kids within a hardworking family.

Zekhethelo seems to forget that this man grew up without his parents and creating a relationship with his newly found father could be what he needs before becoming a man of a house, but all she keeps doing is say things that will keep him away from his own roots.

A relationship like this could work if a man is the one who is big headed. Women have a beautiful gift of depending on the decisions made by their husbands but a man will never stand being ruled or controlled by the woman that he married.

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