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Husband and wife relationship

I’m So Grateful I Kept Myself – Joy As 49-Year-Old Finally Getting Married To Someone's Husband

Being a virgin is something to be proud of. Saving one's body for their lifelong partner and sharing the most intimate human interaction with one person is healthy for the mind and body, which is why virginity is so much more than a 'social construct. Some cultures encourage their young ones to keep themselves until they mature.

Most people do not live their entire lives pure, and it's good to set clear and reasonable goals for yourself. Think about how long you want to stay a virgin, and know that you can always modify the decision if it no longer works for you. Deciding to be celibate for years is too much pressure for some people. I’m so grateful I kept my pureness – Joy as 49-year-old SA pure woman finally getting married to someone’s husband. People find this incident quite hilarious that she has never done the deeds then she gets married to someone's husband.

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