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She Did Not Tell Me She Was Hiv Positive, This Is How I Found Out (Read WhatsApp Chats)

For employment reasons, I relocated from Louis Trichardt to Musina. I honestly found myself in a situation where a certain lady at my new workplace in Musina stole my heart, and after a few days of ignoring the crush because I was still new, I summoned the courage to confront her about it and confess my feelings for her, and thankfully everything went well since she said yes, and we then began our relationship from that day forward.

That is, in most cases, when a relationship begins, as you are all know. Everyone is required to open up and expose some aspects of their lives; we all did so, but none of us addressed their health difficulties. So what happened was that when hanging out with her after work, I observed that folks were giving me amusing looks, which made me question why.

I initially assumed that they were jealous of me because I was a newcomer to the township, but I also assumed that they were doing so because I had stolen one of the most beautiful girls in the area. But then I realized I was mistaken because even ladies were giving me these looks. This left me wondering what was going on for a few weeks, and after no longer receiving answers, I decided to put it aside and continue on with my life.

Just as I was about to move on, I decided to look through her phone to see whether they were doing so because she had another man and was maybe lying to me. I did not, however, discover any questionable conversations with her male friends. I was determined to look at these photos of her and her buddy Lesedi, and this is what I discovered. Take a look at the following discussions.

As you can see from their conversations, she is HIV +, and she chose not to inform me about it; fortunately, we haven't achieved anything yet. So, now that you're in this scenario, what's the best thing you can do?

Do I confront her about it, exposing myself as the one who rummaged through her phone? Do I give her the opportunity to relax on her own time? Or do I just leave without catching anything? What is the right course of action in this situation?

Thanks for reading.

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