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Stay away from guys who treat ladies nicely & with respect, they are boring. -Lady claimed.

If you want to be among good males that treat girls nicely and with respect, stay away from them -woman sparks stir with their remark

When a girl posted something on Twitter about the types of guys she had to deal with in a relationship, it sparked a lot of speculation.

In the opinion of the gorgeous girl known on Twitter as @missmwenya, when a man is continuously kind and treats his woman with respect, the relationship has a tendency to become monotonous with time.

Other women should avoid guys who are overly nice since they do not add much vigor to a relationship, as she has done.

She did, however, take down the post after receiving a barrage of negative feedback.

Check out the reactions her post elicited before she took it down.

Philanelf said; is all fun and games until you hit the wall, and then you blame men for your poor choices. 

SJP theCule; Lol, the non boring ones are the reason y’all be claiming males are garbage though 

Dinks A; I suppose the secret is in achieving a nice mix between pure and poisonous 

singived10; u cheat, they claim he cheats, u don’t they say he is dull I pity u loves. u have a lot of work to do. 

MuJayMwila; Hmmm how would you determine that this individual has genuine intentions? 

MukishaMajid; You ladies loves crying? 

StephenMiyoba; Pain helps us feel alive.

Well, I believe that women can sometimes or doften be unpredictable.

Even as a woman, I frequently find myself baffled by the choices of my female friends, mother (whom I adore), and sisters (whom I like even more!).

However, guess what? I'd want to provide you with a glimpse into the bizarre world of women. Want to get a fascinating glimpse into human behavior–particularly into the often perplexing decisions made by women?


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