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Memes that will lighten up your mood


African girls on a date vs at home My dad: Here is a job you can not mess up. Hold the ladder.

Me:Relationship never reach 2 weeks ooo and she don't take 4 Polo

My people I have found that square root we have been looking for since our primary school days till now. I wish I can see all my mathematics teachers to show them this.

Finally found the square root!They say what a man can do, a woman can do better. So girls tell me can you urinate inside fire?Good people still exist. This humble man washing milk before selling it If he no longer cleans his room when you are coming just know you have been promoted to a main chick.If Chelsea play against the stadium, will support stadium. If Chelsea still play against Chelsea, I will still support against I know that rice and beans is sweet, but have you tasted someone's babe before?

Apologize to your kids in the proper way or go to jail

African parents:

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