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9 Things To NEVER Do In A Relationship. - OPINION.

To display his love for you, a man who truly loves you will never ask you to do anything you don't want to do. While you may be doing things for your boyfriend that you enjoy, there are several things you should avoid doing when you are in love. Read on to find out more:

1. Don't have physical intimacy if you don't want it.

It's rare these days to see a virgin, but I'm sure there are some out there. If you've made a promise to yourself and God that you won't have physical intimacy until you're married, any man you're dating should accept that commitment. If he is incapable of patience, bounce him!

2. Keep your values the same.

Everyone, I feel, has their own set of moral beliefs and ideals that they adhere to. These values have a significant impact on our identity and personality. Never try to modify your morals only to please your boyfriend.

3. Don't Give Up Your Private Space.

Never, ever, ever give up your personal space or time with your family, friends, or loved ones just because he wants you to. Make an effort to divide it and balance it.

4. Remember who you are.

Never go overboard when it comes to grooming oneself for him. Do not alter your preferences because of him. Do not demonstrate that you are less intelligent than him solely to enhance his ego or to make him pleased. The majority of men prefer independent women, thus appearing ignorant will not help.

5. Don't allow him to have control over you.

He should never be the one to decide what you should or should not do. Always talk to him about stuff. Also, consider your personal lifestyles and preferences before making your decision.

6. Do not engage in any illegal activities.

Many women are in prison as a result of a bid for a guy they adored. A man who cares about you would never put you in danger by getting you engaged in something that could land you in jail. If you think dealing with a thug is fun and exciting, wait till you see how fun and exciting it is to find work once you get out of prison. There is no amount of love that can compensate for the loss of your liberty.

7. Pay Attention to Your Dreams.

Just because he wants you to spend time with him or be in his presence all of the time should not make you feel bad for passing up a significant chance that may have changed your life for the better.

8. Don't alter your appearance.

Never alter your appearance solely to satisfy your man's desires. Dressing and styling changes are acceptable. However, if he wants you to have surgery to change a specific part of your appearance, you should refuse. A nice man should admire and not try to change his woman's inherent attractiveness.

In conclusion, even when you are in love, there are some characteristics of your nature that you should not change for a man. You can never be honest to your relationship if you are not sincere to yourself.

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