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Opinion# reasons why your relationship don't last

When you begin a new relationship, you always pray it lasts and brings you all that your previous relationship didn't and when all your relationships end, even after you have tried to make them work_ you begin to question yourself ,as to whether you are the problem or you just not meant for love.

While it may not be your fault that your relationships ends but at times you are partly to be blamed for the failure of your relationships, that's the reason why it is important for a person to do self introspection before they commit again.

Let's look at the visible possible reasons why you always ends up alone.


This is the most blunder that many people make. Each time your partner makes a blunder which your EX did, you begin to see the past repeating itself again and you start to build walls, so that you don't burn to ashes as you did in your last and that could make you unknowingly push your partner away. Yes it's okay to be vigilant, however you have to understand that_ as much as people are different, we are bound to make the same mistake, however what should define us is how we rectify them and in that way, you won't let your current partner die in the cross of your Exe's mistakes.


Moving on from something that broke you isn't easy and it's understandable for someone to take time to heal from it but holding onto it does more damage than good. When you hold onto what WAS instead of IS, that takes away the joy of today and you will be blinded from the good you have infront of you.

For example if your partner cheated and you still hold onto that, you will not see the work your partner has put to show their remorse because you are still living in the hurt they caused you.

If you decide to stay after the cheating, you have to let go of the hurt they caused you in order for the relationship to thrive.

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