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Scriptural guidance on anger

 The Apostle James instructs us to “be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger,” (James 1:19-27). You have a choice when it comes to how you will behave when you are angered. You can learn to express anger appropriately instead of lashing out or acting it out.

Scripture doesn’t tell us to never feel angry, but rather to “be angry and sin not”(Ephesians 4:26). Anger in and of itself is not wrong. What is wrong is when we have wrong thoughts, reactions or behaviors in response to our anger.

Expressing anger, especially in a marriage should be short lived, dealt with in a Christ-like, Biblical manner and forgotten, preferably before the end of the day. Expressing anger inappropriately in marriage, especially in a Christian marriage should be avoided because prolonged anger hurts deeply and destroys marital harmony, perhaps as much as an act of infidelity.

Spouses who are serious about dealing with the anger in their marriage should refrain from “letting the sun go down on their anger.” By resolving conflicts and dealing with anger as it occurs daily, couples can by experience the joy of viewing each day as a new beginning, with no residue of negativity from the previous twenty-four hours.

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