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Here is how to introduce your girlfriend to your parents

Dating someone is not a problem but making her official to your parents might be challenging. You might develop negative thoughts in your head because you are not sure whether your parents are going to like her or not. Not knowing how you are going to introduce her might cause another pressure, which is the reason why I have summarised some important and useful points to help men introduce their partners to parents.

1. Tell about your family

Make sure that before you introduce your girlfriend to your parents, she knows everything that she needs to know about your family. Make sure that she knows about the likes and dislikes of your family and should prepare herself accordingly.

2. Give a hint to parents

You can speak casually about your relationship with your girlfriend with your parents in advance, so that both of your parents will know about your girlfriend's background and lifestyle before the meeting, so they have some idea of who your girlfriend is.

3. Tell her to “be herself”

be herself. She should not overreact to impress your parents. She might not feel comfortable if she behaves differently when her parents are present. If your girlfriend behaves differently in front of your parents, they certainly will discover it.

4. Make her comfortable

Make your girlfriend as comfortable as you can, and assure her that you will always love her no matter what. Respect your girlfriend in front of your parents, and support her if she cannot answer any questionsBe careful about leaving your girlfriend alone with your parents.

5. Be polite

Your parents need to feel sincere love between you and your girlfriend, not infatuation. Be polite when introducing your girlfriend to them. Introduce your girlfriend by her proper name, not the one you'd call her in person.

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Introducing her to your parent is very important for her to know where she stands in your life. After introducing her, she will consider herself as part of your family and she might find it easier to respect your parents as if they are her own.

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