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SA teenage couple makes adults upset by posting these kinds of photos.

"@Ohyessratii" is her tweeter handle. She decided to post pictures of herself and boyfriend on twitter as part of the "monthly photo dump" that people usually do. However, not only did she post herself and her boyfriend but added other pictures that caught everyone's attention and made some adults angry, making them demand that she takes it down.

The pictures were in some kind of collage, and picture 4 was everybody's concern as it included explicit content (usage of words).

This is the first picture she posted : (Frame 1)

This is the second picture: (Frame 2)

This is the third picture: (Frame 3)

The fourth Frame (scroll down)

Adults and young adults were angered and left in shock because of this post. While, the teenage girl responded to each and every comment in a very interesting way. Some even asked if she did her homework as they seem very young.

The new generation absolutely lives their life without becoming fearful of anything. They post anything, place their opinions loudly and openly, they don't even hide the truth sometimes, even if that may mean offending anyone.

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