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A lady was attacked on Twitter by men, after she posted this. See the pictures.

It is in men's tendency to reliably search for assent before they pick when to meet their loved ones. This is because they acknowledge that women have plans of their own too, so the implications of asking preceding making a decision is to guarantee that you don't intrude with their schedule. 

Regardless, there is a lady who could do without the way that a man needs to ask, "When am I seeing you?" She acknowledges that a man needs to make a course of action, and he is the individual who needs to get things moving. She says a man needs to save dinner spot, book her a flight, and heedlessly text, "I'm outside." She needs him to set up spa plans and organize picnics. She says there is nothing that bugs her more than a man who asks, "When am I seeing you?" 

This tweet didn't remain well with the ones who were getting it, which is the explanation one of them started making the end that this young woman who calls herself 'Lue Mfobo' through web-based media is just a slayqueen. She could have done without being known as a slayqueen or a jobless person who is reliably open, which is the explanation she let him in on that she shouldn't be used because she is keeping up with her own business. She in like manner let him in on that he doesn't seem like someone who should be concerned by her tweet since for people can deal with the expense of that kind of life. 

Various men acknowledge that an elegant Lue has got nothing to introduce in a relationship. They in like manner acknowledge that a singular like her has "slut*sh lead." 

Someone let her that in on she mentioning will not guarantee her a happy, peaceful and strong relationship. They furthermore figure she will most likely get free food with different men. Men could do without the way that women need rapture to the weakness.

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