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She had Two Children With her Own Biological Brother, a woman speaks out the truth


Libere Unwanan kabaddi was born into an abusive family and ended up living with his older brother who one night because of his drunkenness raped and had two children.

Everyone in her family refused and her blood brother whom she trusted raped her and made her life go back as she tried to commit suicide.

Having sex with a relative in a common African country is illegal and highly condemned. It is a sexual relationship between people who are considered to be closely related to marriage.

According to Liberee, his brothers did not like him and all opposed him. His brothers, uncles, aunts all disliked him, and he was loved by only one brother.

One day, she decided to move to her brother's town at the age of 17. This was a brother who loved her.

Liberee's blood brother forced him one night when his wife was away and she got him pregnant. Her brother's wife reported the matter to the authorities, but the husband denied it.

To make matterLiberace'sLiberee was forced to return one night after a fight with her brother. She became pregnant by her brother again and was forced to have an abortion. This prompted Liberee to report the case to the police which led to the arrest of her brother.

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African Libere Unwanan


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