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4 Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Or Wife Insults You During An Argument

Because of the prevalence of domestic violence against women in our society, it is imperative that we educate our male counterparts on how to protect both themselves and their female counterparts.

We frequently see or hear about instances in which a man abuses his girlfriend, whether he is a spouse or merely a boyfriend. This is entirely unacceptable, and I've taken it upon myself to lay out specific safety measures for our soldiers.

A woman's mouth is enormous, and you should know this before starting a relationship with one. If we start beating women because of the things they say with their lips, we'll wind up killing them and accomplishing nothing, my father has warned me on numerous occasions. This is something I agree with you on, and I'll offer some ideas about how to fix it with you.

To be a good and worthy man, you should never hit a woman and you should strive to keep your emotions in check when it comes to a woman. I understand that our emotions can sometimes get the best of us. Be prepared for women approaching men twice their size and telling them that they are powerless; this is how most of them act, so follow the advice below to avoid this happening to you.


We may imagine a scenario in which you're at home with your girlfriend and there's a disagreement between the two of you, and she smacks you because of her feelings. I know you're itching to pounce on her, but resist the urge. Instead, grab your phone and wallet and dash out of the house like there's a blaze raging nearby. Regardless of whether she was right or wrong, if you touch her, you will lose the case, even if you were right. If you do this, she will beg you on her knees, I promise you.


Also, if your wife starts calling you names and perhaps keeps you from leaving, even if you know you don't deserve it, you're stuck. Stay calm and pray to God Almighty for the strength to resist such an enticing offer. Pray fervently and earnestly, imploring God to help you calm her down. The moment she realizes how much she cares about having you around, she will stop fighting and begin begging for forgiveness. When a lady gets surprised, she is always awestruck.


When she insults you and even strikes you at one point or another. Hug her as soon as you can and make sure she remembers why she agreed to be with you. Yes, women smack men in the face with their small hands. Remind her of how long you've been together and how your relationship has survived all of life's challenges. Tell her how beautiful and well-thought-out she is as you hold her close. Remind her of all the reasons she is the world's most gorgeous woman. Instead of chastising her, try to persuade her that fighting is not the best course of action. You can bet she will start crying tears of pleasure and then apologize if you give her a big bear hug and tell her it will always just you and her, that you two are the only ones against the world.


As soon as your girlfriend begins to act out her feelings toward you, tell her that you will make her favorite meal. Women are in awe of males who show affection in this way. Simply tell her that you will prepare the food for her and get to work. Even if you are not a good cook or can't make the food well. Because you're prepared to lower yourself to her level, the woman will often enter the kitchen and take control. Never leave the kitchen if they take it over. Don't ever leave the kitchen without asking her first what kind of help she'd like from you.


Express your regret as soon as possible in such a case. She's your lady, and if she senses your sincerity, she'll calm down and offer an apology of her own. A woman's desire for love, respect, and admiration is way too simple. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong; she's your lady, and there's no shame in taking responsibility for your actions and apologizing for your mistakes. Apologize to her as soon as she calms down and the situation is back to normal, but if she's on fire, don't try to explain what went wrong.

It is my goal that all men will follow this and that we can all work together to improve the world by treating our ladies with respect.

You, as a woman, must learn to accept and cherish your partner as a person as well. If there's one person in your life who deserves your full attention, it's him.

Please spread the word about this post, even if it only gets one like or share. In order to improve the world, we must work together. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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