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My Husband Never Touched Me During 3 Weeks Of Our Honeymoon, Instead He Did This. Lady Narrates.

An interesting story about a woman who was married in a lavish ceremony and then transported to South Africa for a honeymoon by her spouse was revealed by Jeremy Damaris, an investigative freelance journalist for KD Tv.

Catherine Njeri informed Jeremy about how she had dropped out of school in search of a house help job, which she eventually obtained with the approval of a spouse as a result of her efforts.

According to the wife, after a length of time together, the husband began to change for the worst. He had the power to beat her, sleep with her maid, and even bring other women into her household, where she was expected to warmly welcome and care for them. Any of these things were within his power.

They went on a three-week honeymoon to South Africa after a colorful wedding. The astonishing part is that her husband did not touch her; instead, he surrounded himself with other ladies, all while she was watching.

Catherine explains that as a result of everything she has been through, she has had suicidal thoughts throughout her life. But she never stopped praying to God to help her overcome her issues until she finally left the house in quest of peace.

Her ordeals at the hands of her abusive spouse prompted her to pen a book, which is now available at select bookstores.

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