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MaCele Throw MaKhumalo Under The Bridge After She Did This In #UthandoNesthembu

MaCele Throw MaKhumalo Under The Bridge After She Did This In #UthandoNesthembu

Mzansi have been poring hearts to MaKhumalo after her husband and MaCele through her under the bus. Mzansi has been feeling sorry for her after learning that MaCele has given her husband’s blessings to marry his girlfriend despite knowing the situation of MaKhumalo.

#Uthandonesthembu polygamous Musa Mseleku has been heard several time saying that he want another 5th wife to be added in his family. He said that he want to grow his family knowing very well that MaKhumalo has been very open about her infertility problems.

According to The Citizen news and Daily Sun MaCele has given their husband six month to marry his girlfriend without hearing the other side of sister wives. Unfortunately it seems they all have no say when it comes to this because Musa wants more children and some of his wife's cannot give him those children that he want. He want to take wife from the Khumalo family. Now we are not sure if its MaKhumalo's Sister because it is said that the name is Thobile Khumalo and MaCele have also reacted in this idea. Uthando Nesthembu watchers got angry as a mad bull when they discovered that Musa Mseleku is dating MaKhumalo's relative since she hasn't given him babies yet.

It's sad to MaKhumalo because she cannot have kids of her own. Why is it like that people who don't have kids are regarded to have all the time in the world. I don't know, society has allowed it even at churh, hence you get people getting married for wrong reasons just to belong. I guess it works for them as the system favours them because they have kids, people tend to be more sympathetic towards them.

MaKhumalo is one of the coolest sister wives who support everyone. It isbtrue when they say the one who supports others the most is the least cared about when it's suppose to be her turn. Angithi they will say she doesn't have kids and has all the time in the world. You are only regarded as someone of importance if you have kids. A part of me, i hates him for denying her the chance of bearing her own kids by the means possible for them RN.

I would’ve left that marriage and found someone willing to walk the journey to parent hood with me! They literally could’ve had kids right now! Musa doesn’t compromise. I belive God chose her for that situation she is in knowing she will be able to handle it.. queen that & light to her.

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