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Kenya man impregnated 3 wives and he is happy

we always know that having two or more wives depends or only is allowed at the chieftaincy, not everywhere, however this is another generation, that everyone can have 2 or more wives if he can feeds them.

in march 2014, kenya’s parliament passed a bill allowing men to marry multiple wives. Polygamy is common among traditional communities in kenya, as well as among the country’s muslim community, The bill was made legislation on 1 may 2014.

they can now marry as many as they want only if they can feed them, but this man in the picture however did not marry them he impregnated them, this could mean that, they don’t get married or he marry only one woman if he wants to.

It might happen that they both have children and he take care of children only and leave the mothers because it will now be heavy as they will be many babies and at the same time.

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