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Wedding dress

PHOTOS| The most beautiful Zulu wedding dresses

On their wedding day, Zulu women dress in unique garments that can be rearranged in a variety of different ways. The traditional bridal garb for a Zulu bride consists of a cowhide skirt known as an isidwaba, a cowhide vest known as an isicwaya, a skin that covers her chest, and a hat known as an inkehli. The lady completes her image by donning colorful beaded wristbands and accessories, which her bridesmaids also wore. The legs and arms of the lady are decorated with patterns made of red and white ochre.

In addition, the women of the day wear cloaks constructed of globules and curved fig leaves, as well as rock sacks tied around the lower thighs, which enables them to maintain the ability to stay on beat while moving. In addition to that, the lady accessorizes her elbows and knees with oxtail tufts. The lady of the hour adorns a collar made of goat hair around her neck and carries an assegai with her at all times. The assegai is a blade that stands for her virginity.

Giving service ladies are allowed to wear dresses that are similar to their previous outfits when having an Umembeso, such as the dresses that are listed below.

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