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Divorce Affair

Wife Exposes Cheating Husband On A Newspaper Article, And Left People In Stitches On Social Media

Someone had an affair with the wrong woman. She then gave him back by publishing a full-page advertisement calling him a "filthy cheater" in the local daily.

This week, a woman only known as Jenny placed a full-page advertisement in the Australian publication Mackay and Whitsunday Life. The advertisement revealed her husband Steve to be a liar.

I hope you're content with her, Steve, the advertisement reads in all uppercase. Now that the entire town will be aware of your dishonesty. sent by Jenny.

She noted that she paid for it using his credit card at the bottom of the advertisement.

The shocking full-page advertisement instantly attracted a lot of interest from the neighborhood. Many of the 50,000 readers of the newspaper bombarded it with inquiries about Jenny and Steve's real identity.

The newspaper decided to respond to the "filthy cheater" ad because there were so many requests. They announced it on Facebook to do this.

The response from the publication said, "We have received dozens of messages this morning regarding the advertisement on Page 4 of Mackay Life. Since there are too many to respond to individually, we will do it here.

It continued by saying they don't know who Steve is and won't be disclosing any information about Jenny. They added that no charges had been made to the credit card used to buy the advertisement.

Many of the local Steves have presumably had a difficult few of days. If Steve is his real name, he must be keeping a low profile until everything is resolved.

All the best to Steve and whoever gets Jenny. Just keep in mind not to betray her. She plays for keeps and doesn't mind airing her dirty linen.

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